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Amie Ryan is an American author whose essay collections examine American culture and are sometimes set against the backdrop of the 1970s and 1980s. She is known for her cleverness, wit, and immediately engaging style which makes readers feel she somehow already knows them. Often taking the role of amused spectator, Ryan frequently addresses the theme of how people communicate with each other. Amie Ryan first became known to the public when her essay The Seattle NO went viral in November of 2013 and captured the attention of over a quarter of a million readers in countries all over the world. Two essay collections followed: Green Shoes Mean I Love You, and Starfish On Thursday, and then a third collection, Secrets From The Star Jar, and then a fourth: a Best Of Collection, Storyteller, which went to #8 in its category on Amazon within four days of its release. Ryan's Marilyn Monroe biography MARILYN: LOVED BY YOU became a number one bestseller in its category on Amazon in the US, UK, and France.  A Seattle native, Amie Ryan attended Western Washington University and lives in the Pacific Northwest.


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